How To Deal With Garage Door Repair Issues

garage-door-repairsWhen you are stuck with a malfunctioned garage door, you want to get out of this situation as soon as possible. Some minor problems can be fixed by the owner as well but 95% of the times, if a garage door stops working there usually is a major issue that can only be solved by an expert. Dealing with a repair that you do not know anything about can cause a serious injury and we recommend, you ask for a professional help. If it’s a minor one then the tips below can help.

1- Garage door does not open or close

If your garage door has stopped operating and it is not opening or closing then the garage door opener can be the cause of the problem that is usually electric. You should take a look at the keypad and try reprograming the garage opener with the help of the instruction manual that comes along with the installed garage door. You can switch your garage door from automatic to manual function temporarily to get out of the situation. The red cord that hangs with the opener is not for decoration purposes, you can pull the cord in order to manually operate the garage door.


2- Garage Door gets Stuck in the middle

Most garage doors usually get stuck in the middle of an opening or closing operation because of the lack of lubrication required by the rollers and hinges. Lubricating these moving parts of the garage door with the help of a spray lubricant or another other lubricant at hand can fix the problem. You can also use coconut oil for such purposes. Such jamming of garage doors in-between an operation happens when you don’t pay much attention to the maintenance of your garage door. Regular oiling and lubrication can help you prevent such failures. Garage Door Repair in Villa Park, IL – source

3- Garage door falls when released

When the extension springs of the garage door are worn out, it starts falling when released. The fix to this problem is the replacement of extension springs which we suggest that you get done by a professional.

4- Garage door gets stuck a lot

Damaging of metal tracks or loosing of the nuts and bolts result in the jamming of garage doors. In case of a steel garage door, tracks can be repair by striking them with a rubber hammer.

You should keep safety in mind while carrying out any of the above mentioned repairs even when you are tightening the nuts, bolts and other fasteners of a garage door, you are supposed to be wearing a helmet. Garage door repair lake in the hills, il. The above mentioned solutions can be a quick fix for these minor problems but we still insist that you call a trained professional for any of the minor or major repairing job that needs to be done. Wrong installation of a part or unintentional tempering of a component can result in further damage of the garage door that can cost you a lot more money than calling in a professional. Garage Door Repair in Grayslake, IL